5 Easy Loans to Apply for – What You Need to Know

We all need money, and sometimes it can be hard to come by. Sometimes there are unexpected expenses that pop up with no notice, or you just want some extra cash for the weekend. Whatever your reason may be, there are loans available to help! We all know how expensive banks can be when it comes to borrowing money; however, companies like Quicken Loans offer lower interest rates than traditional lenders. You also get more options in terms of payment plans and repayment periods if you go through a company like this one. This blog post will discuss 5 easy loans you should apply for today!

Easy Loans to Apply For

1. A personal loan will help you if you need money for an expense that is not covered by your regular income.

This could be because of a sudden car repair, or maybe even something like dental surgery. The good thing about these loans is the fact that they are flexible; there aren’t any hidden fees and there isn’t much paperwork involved with applying either! These types of loans typically have rates somewhere between 12 to 30 percent APR (annual percentage rate). It’s important to note that this type of loan can actually impact your credit score, so it’s best used in times where you really do need it because of emergencies only.

2. A payday loan is similar to a personal loan, but typically has higher rates.

These loans are meant for people who need money until their next paycheck arrives on the first of every month; they’re called “payday” loans because this is when you will be able to pay them back. Most states in America have outlawed these types of loans due to the high-interest rates that range anywhere from 15 percent all the way up into triple digits! You also run into issues with late fees and rollover costs which can really add up over time if you don’t get out of there quickly enough each month. Some companies allow you to apply online so it can take less than an hour before your money is available in your bank account, depending on how quickly you receive your approval.

3. A home equity loan can be a great option if you own a house and have some extra money in the bank that is tied up in your property value.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, it’s important to know exactly what is entailed with these types of loans before applying for one. For example, most companies require at least 20 percent equity on the amount they are lending you; so if $20,000 was borrowed from them but there were no additional funds applied towards paying down the initial mortgage or any other bills around the house (electricity/ water), then technically only $16,000 would actually go toward repaying this new debt! Once again we see rates anywhere between 12 to 30 percent APR, and once again this type of loan can impact your credit score.

4. A business line of credit is a good choice if you need to borrow money but don’t know exactly how much or for what reason yet; it’s like an emergency fund that will be waiting there in case something comes up where additional capital might be needed!

These types of loans allow the borrower to take out any amount they need throughout a certain time period (usually 12 months) without having to pay off whatever has been borrowed right away. This means you could technically only repay the interest on these loans each month until all outstanding balances have been paid off at some point during the next year from when you first took them out – just keep in mind that most companies charge a lower rate for the first few months and then this amount slowly starts to increase until it reaches a steadier monthly cost.

5. A peer-to-peer loan is a type of lending that matches borrowers with investors online.

The process works by having the borrower post their story, why they need money, and what amount they are looking for on an open forum where anyone can see it; these loans will typically have rates between 12 to 30 percent APR as well. Once you’re approved for this type of loan, your funds could be in your account within 48 hours depending on how quickly all parties involved get together and sign off!

If you find yourself in a position where you need additional cash but don’t know exactly how much or when you’ll pay it back; any one of these easy loans should do just fine! Just make sure not to too much because even though there are some good rates out there, none of them are worth paying more than you can afford.