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Business Funding Services

Our line of credit can get you the money you need by the next business day.


What We Offer

At Empire Merchant Funding, we understand the work it takes for small businesses to reach their goals, and we are considerate to the fact that banks aren’t always a viable option for credit. Accessing funds needed to grow should be easy and clear. We believe you can accomplish great things with the right support, and we’re proud to help hardworking business owners like yourself find continued success. That’s why we strive to be a partner you can count on.

Merchant cash advance

An MCA typically provides fast business capital without requiring a strong business credit history. In exchange for a portion of your business’s future sales, the Funder gives you a lump-sum deposit. You pay back the advance with daily or weekly payments taken out of your total sales.

term loans

Term loans are what you usually think of when picturing a typical “loan.” You receive a set amount of funds with a fixed interest rate from a lender, which you pay back over a set amount of time. Depending on the length of the repayment period, term loans are often categorized as short- or long-term.

lines of credit

A line of credit typically provides revolving access to credit. The main advantage is that you only have to apply once for funds. For example, with our Line of Credit, you can draw funds whenever you need, up to your credit limit, and only pay interest on what you borrow each time.

sba loans

Government backed SBA loans starting at 6 percent.

Collateral loans (Real estate, cars etc..)

We offer the option of financing that in some cases would never be possible through the collateral of Real estate or other valuble assets

invoice factoring

You can use invoice factoring to turn yet-to-be-paid invoices into liquid cash. You sell any unpaid invoices to a factoring company, and you get a cash advance of that total amount. The factoring company recoups that amount, plus interest fees, when your customers pay those outstanding bills.

How It Works

Our process is very streamlined and simple so our clients can maximize their time running their business intead of being backed up with paperwork

Step 1

Apply Online in just a few moments of your time or call us directly at (888) 987-4566 (M-F 8AM – 9PM)


Step 2

Our underwriting team evaluates your business and typically provides a decision in under 24 hours


Step 3

Offer accepted, Sign your contract and receive money in as fast as 24 hours

Personalized Services For Every Type of business

We evaluate and understand your business and come up with creative solutions to meet your business funding expansion needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We pride our selfs with proffesional and effisient services that will leave you impressed!.

“From my first contact, Empire Merchant Funding personnel have been engaged in my business financial needs and how they could help fulfill them. Many offer support, but Empire stands out, way out, ahead of their competitors.”

— Michelle O.

“The assistant underwriter who helped me called the next morning and let me know I was approved. Within 24 hours the funds were paid out. I was very pleased with how easy the process was.

Ronda B.

“I was able to launch an aggressive marketing campaign as well as expand inventory, which is the most important thing for my business growth — the demand was there, I just didn’t have enough capital to order more supplies.”


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What we Do

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